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We are pleased to present some of the world's finest wine accessories. They have been selected for their superior quality and unique features. Let us be your source for these wine enthusiast collectables!

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Château-Laguiole Corkscrews

Item # Description Price QTY to Order
3000 Corkscrew - Black, Horn Handle $130.00
3002 Corkscrew - Blond, Horn Handle $140.00
3003 Corkscrew - Black, Ebony Wood Handle $140.00
3004 Corkscrew - Stainless, Brushed Handle $130.00
3006 Corkscrew - Tasaki, Red & White Handle $200.00
3008 Corkscrew - Olive Wood Handle $140.00
3074 Corkscrew - StaminaWood, Green Inlaid Handle $145.00
3100 Corkscrew - Argent, Silver Handle $175.00

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